Welcome to the Under Budget and On Time Scanning's website. It was designed to give you just enough information for you to know that you should contact us.

Since the 1980's, image processing software made it possible to convert paper into electronic records so all of us could store them uniquely and find them again easily. Now there are trillions of these electronic files that we all have archived on our computers. Budget and time are the real reasons why the world is not completely paperless.

Our document scanning service was born because not everyone has the budget to buy the right hardware and software that matches their storage room of boxes or those filing cabinets filled with paper. We observed it was also hard to find the time needed to properly index each file at small and medium sized companies. There is also another need, most document scanning businesses give quotes that are open ended, making over-charging the norm for something so easy to plan to the very penny.

We invite you to make good use of this site so that you can know About the Company that will help you make the best business choices and so you can begin your document conversion.

Thank You

Jay Howard - Owner