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Data storage is getting enormous at most companies. Finding the files again in the world of terabytes needs a plan. We can implement any file family tree automatically in over 150 Electronic Document Management Systems or we can just bring the data for loading to your servers. Indexing or naming the file for reliable Retrieval and archiving is our strength. Traditionally each PDF page is OCR’d for finding words on large files making it a searchable PDF. If you need an electronic Bates number, we can add that as well.

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Jay Howard is the owner of Under Budget and On Time Scanning. He embraces the chance to make you a customer for life. His reputation is built around being fully informed about his client's needs, bringing the right elements to complete any task and becoming a friend along the way.

Jay's career in the computer age began with a Large IBM Mainframe in 1979. His role was the Librarian for tens of thousands of magnetic tapes and fleet of disk hard drives. Years later, Konica Minolta hired him as a National Accounts Manager because of his customer service skills. Becoming fully immersed in the document imaging industry he performed at the highest level finding the right solutions that would make the difference in every size department's document work flow. At IKON Office Solutions he was entrusted to be a Document Imaging Specialist, selling every level of document management solutions to the Municipalities and Education sector.

Being a technology seeker made the journey thru UCLA extensions classes, the corporate training in Records Management and the Microsoft Network Certification program a pleasure. Eager to show off the new ways digital imaging would improve businesses, he was free to collaborate with diverse companies, including the Legal, Financial, Medical and Real Estate industries.

Jay believes he can relate to and build a trust with every person. From CEO to clerk, President to paperwork pusher and with those at every level of aptitude.